The sixth train of the Urban Railway Project No. 3, section Nhon-Hanoi Station has arrived in Vietnam.


It is a coincidence that trains of UMRT Line 3 all dock on special days. If the fourth train returned home on International Labor Day on May 1, 2021, and the fifth train arrived at the port on the All People's Voting Day on May 23, 2021, then today is Press Day. Vietnam network June 21, 2021.

Urban railway project line 3, section Nhon - Hanoi station has 10 trains built in France, so far 6 trains have been brought to the project for testing. After docking, the train will pass a distance of nearly 190km, transported by super-heavy vehicles to Depot Nhon area (Hanoi). Here, the carriages are hoisted onto the rails to the gathering area for assembly and trial operation before being officially put into operation.

Urban railway project No. 3, section Nhon - Hanoi Station uses 10 trains specifically designed by manufacturer Alstom (France). With the theme "Green journey" in parallel with the sustainable development of the Capital, the train is built "green" from design, manufacturing to operation and maintenance:

  • "Green" from the design stage, the train stands out with three colors of green, red, pink and white. The front part of the train with the symbol Khue Van Cac creates a unique mark of the capital.
  • "Green" in the manufacturing process, trains operate continuously on standard gauge railway (1435 mm), the body of the train uses aluminum alloy material with light weight, long life, and environmental friendliness. The train is designed according to the latest European standards with luxurious, modern style, fully equipped and researched to suit the needs of Vietnamese people.
  • "Green" in operation, in order to save energy and reduce noise of the traction motor, the train uses a low-voltage DC traction power of 750VDC third rail with compact, simple, reliable and cost-effective structure. low construction and maintenance, ensuring urban beauty. The braking system is equipped with Regenerative Braking to reduce energy consumption and help reduce maintenance costs.
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The source: Hanoi Urban Railway Management Board (MRB)

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