The first train of the urban railway line No. 3, section Nhon - Hanoi Railway Station has officially rolled, entering the inter-trial test phase.


In October 2020, the Hanoi Urban Railway Management Board gladly welcomed the first train of the urban railway line 3, section Nhon - Hanoi Station. Experiencing the static test phase at Depot, with the efforts of the Contractor, the Supervision Consultant and the Investor, on January 22, 2021, the train officially rolled to enter the interlock test phase.

        To celebrate the 13th National Congress of the Party and promptly inform the people about the project progress, the Hanoi Urban Railway Management Board has worked closely with consultants and contractors to speeding up, starting the first test run of the UMRT line 3, section Nhon – Hanoi Station.

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Picture of the train at Depot before rolling time

      The train uses electric traction, 750VDC direct current is powered by the third rail. Different from the form of power supply by overhead lines suspended by poles/towers along the track or attached to other railway structures, 3rd rail power supply brings both efficiency and aesthetics to the urban area. The train will draw electricity from the 3rd rail by a connecting rod called "contact foot" to be able to roll.

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The train goes to the station by the third power rail

       In this important event, the train was operated without load by driver Mustapha Mdjkoune of Alstom company. With long experience, Mr. Mustapha Mdjkoune shared: “I am honored to be the first person to drive a train of UMRT line 3, section Nhon – Hanoi station. Before being brought back to Vietnam, the train went through the testing process The most rigorous testing in France. We will continue to test continuously as planned for the best results.”

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Mr. Mustapha Mdjkoune was in charge of driving the train during the entire interlock test period

         The train is designed according to the latest European standards, manufactured by Alstom company in France with aluminum alloy hull with light weight, long life and researched to suit the needs of Vietnamese people. The train is painted in three colors of green, pink, red and white with the symbol of Khue Van Cac creating a unique mark of Hanoi.

         The configuration of each train consists of 4 carriages (2 engine wagons with cabin, 1 engine car and 1 trailer) capable of carrying 944-1,124 people/train, with a density of about 6.6-8 people/ m2 and exploited with commercial speed 37km/h, design speed 80km/h.

Source: Hanoi Urban Railway Management Board – do-this-so-3-doan-non-ga-ha-noi-chinh-thuc-lan-banh-buoc-vai-giai-doan-thu-nghiem-lien-dong.html

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